So how were my first month’s sales?

I’m pretty open to letting people know my first month’s sales on my books.  I don’t plan to keep releasing info like this each month per book because A) it’s repetitive and B) No one probably gives a crap.  But with my debut release I figure some of you might find it interesting.

So what’s the magic number?  Seventy-One! I am still awestruck with that number.  I had no idea what to expect from sales in my first month, but I know that I didn’t expect a number so high.  When I first reached 25 sales I was ecstatic.  25 people, a quarter of a hundred if you will, had purchased and (hopefully) read my book. I couldn’t believe.  The numbers kept climbing though.  Some days I would get 5+ sales, other days would be just 1.  Sure there’s a part of everyone that might get a little bummed by seeing just 1 sale that day, but it’s truly exciting to see even that 1 purchase and I wasn’t complaining at all.

Once I got into the high 30s my goal was to reach 50.  That number came and went and eventually hit just above 70 before the end of the month passed by.  I am totally floored, even today.

I owe a huge thanks to some people.  First and foremost, my wife, LoraJo Bennett for being so supportive and encouraging to me as I wrote, published and marketed the story.  She also did her fair share of promoting my work and I know for a fact a few of the people on her facebook pages and twitter followers bought the book as a result of her promotion.  So thanks LoraJo!

Right behind her was an incredible group on twitter called #pubwrite.  Never in my life have I met a more humble group of people with such a strong desire to help others.  Not only did many of the pubbers purchase a copy of Loose Ends, but within a week or two I didn’t have to constantly post about Loose Ends on twitter, but rather just retweeted someone else’s tweet concerning the book.   #pubwrite is a bunch of writers who gather there to socialize, encourage, and lend a helping hand to one another.  If you are an aspiring author (or even an established one) or an avid reader you really don’t want to miss out on this channel on twitter.  #pubwrite

It’s been a great first month, and I look forward to my first novel’s first month.  I am currently working on a sci-fi action/suspense that I would like to get out sometime before fall.  Currently I am cranking away on some cover art for a respected author and good friend of mine.  Things are busy, but unbelievably fun and relaxing!

Thanks again fro all your support, and I look forward to releasing more books.

Loose Ends on Amazon – If you have read it but haven’t reviewed it yet, if you have a few moments please leave a review on Amazon; it helps more than you might think.

About AJ Powers

I am a professional game developer during the day, but at night, my true passion comes to life when I read and write books.
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15 Responses to So how were my first month’s sales?

  1. Al Boudreau says:

    Wow…fantastic AJ. Congratulations on such wonderful success right out of the gate. You deserve it my friend. Let’s try for 150 next month.

  2. Congrats! Hope the number keeps rising! (Which reminds me to put Loose Ends on my wishlist for future buying.) I will probably flip out on my first sale when I finally get around to this stage.

  3. Good effort mate, I reckon you’ve hit above the usual number for first month sales which are often remarkably low. Not that I would call low numbers a failure – this appears to be a corner of the market that gathers momentum in time, rather than bursting onto the scene.

    Best of luck with month 2.

  4. Charlotte Abel says:

    Congrats! I really enjoyed “Loose Ends” and can’t wait for more!

  5. theaatkinson says:

    my first month I sold: brb…gotta check the industrial size spreadsheet for that one….4!

    Yup. FOUR

    So you deserve mucho applause for such a feat. well done. Pubwrite is a heck of a place…if one can find the time to visit and keep up with all the gossip. I do know Al Boudrea (@threecifer) is an amazingly supportive fella.

    keep it going!

  6. shayfabbro says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! That’s super fantastic news 😀

  7. lostbowyer says:

    Not shabby at all, great job AJ!

  8. Wren Emerson says:

    I’ve had this post open for the past few days meaning to read it. For some reason i thought this post was a lot older than it is. I didn’t realize you just released your book a month ago. Grats on your sales! By all accounts I’ve heard those are freaking AMAZING numbers for an indie without a platform.

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