My once in a blue moon post

Yeah, it seems that my posts on this blog have become less and less frequent. Sorry about that. Between being a new dad, the day job, side work at night, and catching up on things to do around the house because I’ve been so busy with other tasks I just haven’t had much time for the writing/blogging thing.

Fortunately the side work is going to be slowing down before too long, and once I get caught up on some backlog of other things I need to do, I hope to get back to writing some more. Part of the problem I’ve had lately with writing and my ideas is that I am struggling to find a balance of some things I want to write. In my industry, the line that separates the good guys from the bad guys gets blurrier every day. And in some cases, the games will play up the fact that you can play as good or evil. The choice is yours. I started to see that seeping into my writing. Not so much that the protagonist was evil, but rather it was always an ends justify the means in decision making, and there seemed to be little hesitation in those decisions. So I need to find that right balance with my stories, which hasn’t been easy to do even at a high level, let alone when I am actually writing in depth about these characters.

The good news is a story I had started some time ago and already have a lot of words written, might be a perfect candidate to go down this new road with minimal story adjustment. It’s one I’ve been wanting to finish for a while, but just been caught up in the whirlwind that is my life. But once I get moving on it again, you all will be the first know.

I look forward to getting back into writing. It’s just taking a while to get used to how to balance being a husband, a father, a good employee, AND writing. 🙂 – Fortunately (yet unfortunately) I have come to learn how to operate on very little sleep. So once my nights free up a bit I should be able to find more time at night to do my writing. Woohoo!

About AJ Powers

I am a professional game developer during the day, but at night, my true passion comes to life when I read and write books.
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