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Why is it so difficult?

I keep asking myself this question.  Why is it so difficult to decide between art and writing?  I’m strictly speaking about this from a side effort.  Most of you know that I create art for a living on video games.  … Continue reading

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Forgive me, I have but two faces.

April 12, 2011.  That was the date I released my Novella, Loose Ends.  Three months to the day coincidentally.  I wrote that novella in about a month or so, and edited/polished for a couple weeks after.  So where am I … Continue reading

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A random rant on traditional publishers and e-book prices.

So there have been some conversations buzzing around Twitter lately about high priced e-books.  It certainly got me thinking and wanting to compare the book industry with the game industry.  I’m fully aware this is a long beaten and dead … Continue reading

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