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New book WIP

My second post in under two months, it’s been a while. I am going to try and post here more frequently, and as hard as it might be to believe, I actually have been working on a new book that … Continue reading

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Why is it so difficult?

I keep asking myself this question.  Why is it so difficult to decide between art and writing?  I’m strictly speaking about this from a side effort.  Most of you know that I create art for a living on video games.  … Continue reading

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Good start to my weekend.

Well it’s been a good start to my weekend.  Despite having surgery yesterday to have my wisdom teeth extracted, it’s been a great start to a weekend.  First of all, for those who have never gone under (which I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Belly of the Beast

A couple weeks ago B.C. Young asked me to do a flash fiction for a week of bite sized stories for his blog.  I was excited to flex my writing muscles again (have been really busy with cover art lately … Continue reading

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So how were my first month’s sales?

I’m pretty open to letting people know my first month’s sales on my books.  I don’t plan to keep releasing info like this each month per book because A) it’s repetitive and B) No one probably gives a crap.  But … Continue reading

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A random rant on traditional publishers and e-book prices.

So there have been some conversations buzzing around Twitter lately about high priced e-books.  It certainly got me thinking and wanting to compare the book industry with the game industry.  I’m fully aware this is a long beaten and dead … Continue reading

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How We Can Help Indie Authors

A good friend and fellow #pubwrite patron, Al Boudreau (@threecifer) inspired me to write this blog post by making a simple suggestion yesterday: “Support an indie today, buy one of their books.” (I paraphrase) After doing just that, a few … Continue reading

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My Book Cover Experience

Well I finally did it.  I created a book cover for my first novella, Loose Ends, coming out here very shortly.  So how was my experience?  Well it was very interesting.  I learned quite a bit, but only after a … Continue reading

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Handling Distractions?

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s “On Writing” the past week, and a topic he touched on in one section, and periodically throughout the rest, is how important it is to have a writing space (also a reading space, but that’s … Continue reading

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